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Some part of your brain is probably asking "but I see adverts for websites at a really cheap rate - how difficult is it to build a website?" Yes I have seen those too. If that's what you want for business then no problem. What I want to do for you is different...

I want to spend time finding out who your customers are and what they want from your business. What would make it easy for them to spend good money dealing with your business? I wanto to understand what you want your business to achieve, and how you want to get there. Once we know where we are going, we can build something beautiful; and efficiently functional that speaks volumes about your message to the world.

So this is how we achieve the magic...

  • Submit Website Worksheet

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  • Initial Meeting

  • Present Proposal

  • Discovery Sessions

  • Deliver Sitemap

  • Deliver Website

  • User Testing

  • Go Live!

Fill in the webiste worksheet with as many details and as much honesty as you can.

Let's meet to see whether we can make some magic!

Proposal presented to client for sign-off.

Discover what is required, and what will make the client's customers happy.

The sitemap is a bird's eye view of the website and its navigation.

The prototype

Website is built and delivered.

The client tests the website to ensure everything is great.

The website goes live.