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Design & Development

The world of web experience has never been more exciting. It is simply waiting to roll at your feet and serve up literally thousands of potential customers at your (web) door! The web experience needs to support and follow the client experience. At Wild Teak Media we believe in discovering what your client needs from your website, and then building a web solution that will support their needs in conjunction with your business's workflow. The web experience should:

  • Be fast, efficient, relevant and beautiful.
  • Be easy to maintain and change as the business changes.
  • Be responsive as more users will access the website from mobile devices.
  • Be secured, up-to-date and backed up.
  • Understand and utilise the Search Engine Optimization's likes and dislikes.
  • Feed into the desired Social Media streams.
  • Provide gateways for content marketing (blogs, videos, email marketing etc.)

As the website goes live, the next phase of maintenance kicks in. The Website Care Plan provides ongoing monthly security to ensure backups, maintenance and updates. Post-implementation Training and Support carries you over the first month.

Our aim at Wild Teak Media is to build an ongoing partnership - one based on integrity and service. We look forward to a mutually beneficial future!

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